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Myren Consult was started in 2008 by Raymond Myren, who has worked with IT and networking since childhood. All in all, over 20 years of experience in the field.
Over time, the focus has been on networking and managing major IT projects with great complexity. The time before the consulting industry has, among other things, offered positions within network us support as Team Leader, Operations Manager, CTO. And always with the customer experience in focus. To have happy customers, you must also have happy employees.
One thing we have included in the consulting profession is the focus on always creating a cozy atmosphere where you work. Good atmosphere does not cost extra, but gives extra in the long run!

The focus is on:
- IP network
- Security
- Design of the right solution
- Documentation
- Troubleshooting
- Education
- Logging and optimization

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IT Help

Helping your IT department

Network design

Design and optimisation of networks


Full documentation of your network


Project management of larger IT projects

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